Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is what april is supposed to look like here. But what we have is much, much different.....and so not fair. Today it has actually been snowing and I just can't believe it!! it is cold and gray and windy, yuck for sure!!
But, I am managing to keep a sunny outlook, for in 12 days I will travel to sunny orlando, to warm myself and sun my buns! :)
I did also pop in to say Thank God for friends!! Challenges in life are unavoidable and the last 2 weeks I have certainly seen my share!! And Yet I have been blessed with just soo many great friends and family that I feel lucky!! Not particularly happy for the challenges, but definately grateful for all the wonderful people God has placed near me!!

I have also just updated my wsoapp shoppe, be sure to check it out!
have a great day!

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Phillane E'lee said...

Nice blog friend. I love the colors.