Monday, February 9, 2009

My very first award!!

Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe it! I have received my very first award, and what a fitting one it is!! It is called the making lemonade out of lemons award! I am so honored to receive an award!! thank you so much to Miss Donna of Daizydonna! Check out her blog here!
Ok so here are the rules!
1.Put the logo award on your page.
2.Link the person or persons as I did from your blog that gave you the award.
3.Link ten blogs that you are awarding. and then let them know you are giving them this award.

ok let's see...I am not a very good blogger so I am gonna have to think about this one....
1. Phillane at whimsical endeavors cause she is one of my Bestest buddies!
2. Kelly at Once in a Blue Moon Primitives
3. Britt at The Olde Prim House
4. Leigh at Leigh's Stone House
5. Linda of Linda Pinda Designs
6. Linda of GramasGourds and primitives

That is all I can think of for now as some of my most favorite people have chosen to keep their blogs award free and I respect their decisions.
Thanks again Donna, It is soo humbling to know that my few words of kindness and love, made such a difference in your life! Big hugs and prayers to you all!


DaizyDonna said...

Aww Mindy, You're very welcome for the AWARD!! You deserved it, you're a great friend of mine and an inspiration!
Love ya!!

mindy said...

why thank you so much!!
I miss seeing ya round, so don't be a stranger!!