Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day and make over!

Happy Valentines day friends!
certainly a day that all should enjoy blessings and Joy! Here it is full of all the little things that make each day special, like pan toasted bagels with cream cheese, your favorite soup cooking all day, warm and yummy chocolate chip cookies and little tokens of love. Usually the kids and I spend the day making a little make believe restaurant, with a printed out menu, children being waitresses and waiters, cooks and maitre'd. A salad, a favorite meal, and a scrumptious dessert make it enjoyable for everyone!! This year, my 8yr old (who has spent many years in his older brother's shadow, ) has a basketball game, so we will not get to have our restaurant this year. a little sad for me, but so important to support Seth in his endeavor!

And after looking at all my favorite blogs, which I will try to list on the side one day soon, I decided that my blog needed an extreme makeover! so here it is, tell me what you all think?
Have a great day, however you decide to spend it!


Sunshines*Creations said...

Ok first off how sweet. I love that restaurant thingy... Sorry you had to miss it this year :(

Second I love your blog, I love some of the choices they have over there... Makes me want to change mine and I just did it :)


mindy said...

Hi girlfriend!!
I know I missed my little restauranty thing, but we will just do it another I was thinking that we should have a teddy bear picnic, and make bear shaped bread into a sandwich, and have ice cream with gummy bears on it!
yup I know I am crazy!!
thanks for stopping by, and for your sweetness, golly wish we were neighbors!