Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Super Saturday

Happy saturday!
what a day today was! My husband is just completely wonderful!
He is willing to support my business in whatever ways I need! Boy am I
one lucky lady. With his full support I am just brimming with new ideas!
Keep watching there is a lot more to come!

And a little ~shout~ out to my little 7 year old Seth!
Great job in your pinewood derby today, win or lose, you
are one awesome kid!

so off to make more creations,

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello and welcome to Pine Hollow Prims blog.
I am so very glad to be back creating and I thought
that it was time to start a blog, giving voice to the
creative spirit God has given me. This blog will contain some
of the day to day ups and downs of juggling creating with
family life, sneak peaks of new and upcoming creations, and
special offers. I am so excited about this new venture and I
hope you are too! So be sure to stop by and catch up on all the
news at ~Pine Hollow Prims~