Friday, September 5, 2008

autumn in new england

Here is a picture of the village that I live in it all is Autumn splendor! New England certainly is a
a special place to live especially in the fall! But with fall also comes school again, and I have lost my babies back to the school for 6 hours a day! This year little faith gets to go to kindergarten, and she is soo excited. I have never been more lonely, or felt more alone, but I knew this day would come, and so with a heavy heart but smiles and hugs for her, I send her on her way!
I miss them soo much when they are not here, and I realize that the time is ticking away to enjoy them as children, for all to soon will they be grown! Being a mother truly is bittersweet! Faith and Seth, Zack and Gabby too, I love you more than words can say! Know that I look forward each and every school day to the time when you will be back home! and my heart will be happy again!
so happy school days!