Sunday, August 31, 2008

where did it go?

Hi everyone! where did the summer go?? we are enjoying a stretch of just wonderful weather it is a shame that the kids all have to go back to school on thursday! I will miss them all so much! Been sewing like mad these days, but nothing quite finished yet! Hope to have more to show you soon!
Football/Cheerleading season is underway here and here is a picture of my newest team member: Faith Flag Football Cheerleader! this is her first season, and she just loves it! She cheers for her 7 year old brother's team (more pictures of him to follow, forgot my camera at the game) The bigger kids have games starting soon, so lots of fun and cheering and pictures for you all!
So just a few more days and I will have some new items! Oh and Watch for the Grand Opening of WSOAPP! A fantastic collection of wonderful primitive and whimsical artists each with their own page to showcase their creations! So stay tuned for more information!