Friday, April 11, 2008

where did I go?

Howdy all!

sorry I have been so absent, but things here are moving at lightening speed! Baseball season is upon us here, and that has eaten up a lot of my "free" time! Orders to fill, creations to finish, so much to do.

This is one of the items that has kept me busy! A barn raising log cabin I call Grandma's treasure. Just as my Grandmother began to become ill she traveled to my house and fell in love with a large, twin size barn raising log cabin that I made and use as a table cloth. She talked about it for the whole time she was there, and continued to talk about it for several days. I immediately went to work and made her one of her own. As her health declined, she took her quilt everywhere with her even to the hospital. When the good Lord decided that it was her time to go home, the decision was made to tuck her into her eternal rest with her beloved throw! So this quilt for sure will be one creation that although I have recreated it a few times, will always be special to me! Stay tuned for a big announcement coming next week!