Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is what april is supposed to look like here. But what we have is much, much different.....and so not fair. Today it has actually been snowing and I just can't believe it!! it is cold and gray and windy, yuck for sure!!
But, I am managing to keep a sunny outlook, for in 12 days I will travel to sunny orlando, to warm myself and sun my buns! :)
I did also pop in to say Thank God for friends!! Challenges in life are unavoidable and the last 2 weeks I have certainly seen my share!! And Yet I have been blessed with just soo many great friends and family that I feel lucky!! Not particularly happy for the challenges, but definately grateful for all the wonderful people God has placed near me!!

I have also just updated my wsoapp shoppe, be sure to check it out!
have a great day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My next project

ok check out this little vintage purse!! I bought it yesterday at my upscale consignment shop's bag sale! it is more of a box really, with a black velvet inside. I am going to make it into a sewing kit! and Sorry, it won't be going up for sale! but I will be sure to show you the finished product!! Hope you are all warm and spring is peeking its head out of your winter, we are due to get another dose of snow tomorrow and it is supposed to snow all day! oh well, just another chance to get some work done!
well, I am off, got a lot of things to finish before I can start on my little project! Have a great day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

new spring creations

Let me introduce you to annabella bunny! my newest creation. Made with a veena's mercantile pattern. Just so sweet and springy !! she is up for sale on Ebay but only for a few days! So hurry over and check her and all my newest creations out! Click here for all my ebay offerings

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day and make over!

Happy Valentines day friends!
certainly a day that all should enjoy blessings and Joy! Here it is full of all the little things that make each day special, like pan toasted bagels with cream cheese, your favorite soup cooking all day, warm and yummy chocolate chip cookies and little tokens of love. Usually the kids and I spend the day making a little make believe restaurant, with a printed out menu, children being waitresses and waiters, cooks and maitre'd. A salad, a favorite meal, and a scrumptious dessert make it enjoyable for everyone!! This year, my 8yr old (who has spent many years in his older brother's shadow, ) has a basketball game, so we will not get to have our restaurant this year. a little sad for me, but so important to support Seth in his endeavor!

And after looking at all my favorite blogs, which I will try to list on the side one day soon, I decided that my blog needed an extreme makeover! so here it is, tell me what you all think?
Have a great day, however you decide to spend it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My very first award!!

Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe it! I have received my very first award, and what a fitting one it is!! It is called the making lemonade out of lemons award! I am so honored to receive an award!! thank you so much to Miss Donna of Daizydonna! Check out her blog here!
Ok so here are the rules!
1.Put the logo award on your page.
2.Link the person or persons as I did from your blog that gave you the award.
3.Link ten blogs that you are awarding. and then let them know you are giving them this award.

ok let's see...I am not a very good blogger so I am gonna have to think about this one....
1. Phillane at whimsical endeavors cause she is one of my Bestest buddies!
2. Kelly at Once in a Blue Moon Primitives
3. Britt at The Olde Prim House
4. Leigh at Leigh's Stone House
5. Linda of Linda Pinda Designs
6. Linda of GramasGourds and primitives

That is all I can think of for now as some of my most favorite people have chosen to keep their blogs award free and I respect their decisions.
Thanks again Donna, It is soo humbling to know that my few words of kindness and love, made such a difference in your life! Big hugs and prayers to you all!

Friday, February 6, 2009

new creations

Ok it has come to my attention that I am VERY bad about updating my blog! what's a girl to do?? Life up here gets away from me alot of times, with 4 kids I never know what will happen next! But I am hard at work busy making things, and I am gonna make a better effort at getting in here to keep this blog up to snuff! Here are some pics of my newest creations! spring sheep and lamb are available in my wsoapp shoppe February 7th.

I am still working on a few things and will be posting more soon!
Have a great night, and come back by for my updates...I promise they will be here!
Have a good Night!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

This is just about what it looks like here in new england these days! This picture is from last year, outside of my dining room window. A beautiful and grand blue spruce weathers each winter and one spring was home to a nest with baby robins. I love to sit and watch the seasons change thru that window. Christmas is almost here and for us still so much to be done! Housecleaning for a holiday party where we will enjoy the company of friends to just pass a little joy around! I can hardly wait! I know that all too soon 2008 will be a thing of the past as we ring in 2009, I can only hope you are all well, and send to you blessings of a wonderful and prosperous new year! Myself I hope to better attend to this and my selling blog and ebay.....and better use every minute! I am working out all the details now! stay tuned!
Blessings and Merry Christmas!